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Korean Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 1999;42(10):2187-2191.
Published online January 1, 2001.
The Prediction of Depth of Trophoblastic Invasion in Tubal Pregnancy.
Jeong Ho Rhee, Seok Seon Kang, Jong In Kim
To evaluate the relation between diagnostic clinical parameters and the depth of trophoblastic invasion in tubal pregnancy and decide the most predictable parameter. Methods: Total 50 patients who were confirmed as tubal pregnancy pathologically, from Jan. to Dec. 1997, were included in this study. Menstrual missed periods was calculated by clinical history, volume of gestational mass was calculated as sphere, beta-hCG was titered with preoperative blood sample. All surgical specimens were examined pathologically and divided into two groups such as intraluminal and extraluminal, defined as intact tubal musculature and trophoblastic invasion beyond musculature, n=22 and n=28, respectively. Statistical analysis was performed among three parameters and between each parameter and the depth of trophoblastic invasion. Statistical analysis included were Student's t-test, Chi square, linear regression, and linear correlation analysis using SPSS statistical package and statistical significance was determined as p<0.05. RESULTS: There was a correlation between volume of gestational mass and beta-hCG(p<0.05), but not between beta-hCG and missed period or volume of gestational mass and missed period. beta-hCG level was 1843.7+/-1524.7 mIU/ml(Mean+/-SD) in intraluminal and 12144.3+/-10561.6 mIU/ml(Mean+/-SD) in extraluminal. There was a predictive correlation between beta-hCG and the depth of trophoblastic invasion(p<0.05), and cut off level 3,500 mIU/ml showed the highest sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, 0.79, 0.86, 0.88, 0.76, respectively. Two parameters(volume of gestational mass and missed period) had no ability to predict whether intraluminal or extraluminal. CONCLUSION: We suggest that successful medical treatment of tubal pregnancy depend on lesional intactness of vasculature for drug delivery. In patient selection for medical treatment, it should be important to predict intraluminal type because of intact vasculature. Of clinical parameters, beta-hCG is single most predictive parameter, cut off level of 3,500 mIU/ml was the most reasonable level in this study.
Key Words: Depth of trophoblastic invasion, beta-hCG, Missed menstrual periods, Volume of gestational mass

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