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Korean Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 2003;46(6):1145-1150.
Published online June 1, 2003.
Serum Levels of Inhibin A and Inhibin B During Menstrual Cycle.
Jang Heub Kim, Yoon Jin Lee, Seong Jin Hwang, Hyun Hee Jo, Dong Jin Kwon, Eun Jung Kim, Jin Hong Kim, Jin Woo Lee
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Catholic University Medical College, Seoul, Korea.
To understand the physiologic effects and secretion pattern of inhibin A and inhibin B throughout menstrual cycle in the normal reproductive women, serum values of inhibin A and inhibin B were measured. METHODS: Inhibin A and inhibin B levels were measured in 320 serum samples from 160 normal reproductive women by solid phase sandwich ELISA. RESULTS: In the normal reproductive women, inhibin A is secreted in low serum levels until the mid- proliferative phase, begins to increase in the late proliferative phase (16.53+/-1.57 pg/ml), reaches the peak in the early secretory and mid-secretory phase (45.56+/-2.37 and 45.85+/-2.08 pg/ml), and subsequently decreases in the late secretory phase. We found that inhibin B begins to increase in the early proliferative phase (65.40+/-4.08 pg/ml), is secreted in high concentration in the proliferative phase, reaches the peak in the ovulatory phase (110.74+/-9.83 pg/ml), and thereafter declines rapidly to the lowest level in the mid-secretory phase (29.59+/-2.08 pg/ml). CONCLUSION: In conclusion, serum inhibin A levels peak during the luteal phase, indicating the greatest production by the corpus luteum and serum inhibin B levels increase during the follicular phase, indicating the greatest production by follicles in early stage of development. Inhibin A is associated with the luteal function and inhibin B, the follicular function. Both inhibins are associated with the follicular maturation and development.
Key Words: Inhibin A, Inhibin B, Follicle, Corpus luteum, ELISA

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